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Immobilizer Sheep Worker

  • Weighing

  • Drafting

  • Drenching

  • Backlining

  • Bunghole Crutch

  • Ear Tagging

  • Hand Jetting

  • Mouthing

  • Vaccinating

  • Horn Trimming

  • Wigging

  • Capsule Insertion

Mouthing and ear tagging old ewes, drafting 3 ways, weaning and drenching in one operation. Galvanised construction.

First time user, professional livestock contractor applying electronic ear tags to young ewes in western NSW.

Dagging or crutching option. With The Sheep Worker you can forget struggling
with unrestrained sheep and lambs of all breeds.

Low Cost Mechanical Handling
Options available for; Crutching, Electronic Weighing and Drafting

The Immobilizer is a truly multi-purpose mobile machine, it provides for husbandry and other operations and with optional modules added is the primary restraining device to enable sheep/lamb weighing and data recording, drafting and crutching etc.

Sheep are gently immobilized and safely restrained. Suitable for handling all sized lambs and grown sheep including rams. Many husbandry operations can be performed quickly and easily including drenching, capsule insertion, vaccinating, back-lining, ear tagging, mouthing, crutching, wigging, horn trimming and more.

All steel construction, mostly galvanized sheet metal and precision laser cut components are used. The working parts of the machine are completely enclosed. Two opposing stretched rubber pads, with adjustable tension, are used to restrain each sheep. The pads are actuated by quick acting air chambers located internally. The unit is compact and has two150mm rubber wheels and handles for easy movement over a firm surface by one person.

The Immobilizer is supplied as a base unit and customized with added options as required by the particular sheep enterprise or operation. Weigh beams and electronic scales of almost any brand can be supplied or added later.

With the manually controlled air operated drafting module, sheep can be easily and quickly segregated into weigh ranges. For crutching while the animal is standing, access is created with the addition of the crutching module. A crutching plant stand can also be supplied which simply sockets into the frame.

The Immobilizer can be operated in almost any location and can be quickly and easily set up or broken down for transport. The working height can be adjusted to suit the operator as well as the width and height for the sheep.

An air compressor, 8-10 cfm with pressure available ranging from around 80-120 psi is required for operation. A charged 12 volt battery is also required to power the simple electronics.

It can be supplied with a full lead up system or as a stand alone unit for permanent use in sheds or yards. The 3 metre galvanized non-back leadup ramp (in two separate linked together pieces) is required for good sheep flow.

A jump-stop frame can be clamped to the ramp which prevents sheep jumping over the next in front. A single or dual race leadup system is the preferred option to guide the sheep into the unit with minimum effort.

The “no visual barrier” design, quiet operation, clear see through access and use of the non-back tapered leadup ramp, ensure easy and quick, non forced self loading of each sheep into the unit by one person using little physical effort. Sheep enter the machine singularly, when in the correct position as they move through they are detected by the electric eye which instantly activates the opposing pads each side of the sheep. The eye, which is mounted in a slide can be moved forward or backward to stop the sheep in the required position as it moves through.

The pressure, which can be regulated, hold the sheep from movement in a totally restrained, upright position. The sheep are released by a push button switch (one on either side) when the operation is complete. The Immobilizer can be operated from either or both sides at once and the height can be adjusted for operator comfort.

No lubrication is required due to the use of nylon bushes in all joints and hinge points. The air system does not require maintenance.


See "DROP TRAILER" for trailer mounted version

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Last modified: 13/02/2013