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Leadup Systems
A smooth stress-free approach to any sheep handling operation


Curved panels: Large and small

When these panels are coupled together in pairs along the leadup system sheep are directed 90 degrees either left or right. Two pairs together will result in a 180 degree change in direction. These aids are ideal when feeding sheep in single file and space is critical or obstacles have to be avoided, e.g. inside a shed or attaching to existing yards.

Essential for best performance for all handling machines. Provides an automatic positive non-backing block for sheep entering a confined working area. Unit is 3 metres long in 2 pieces for portability, suitable for loading sheep onto a ute, or weighing scales. Gates are closed by the weight of each sheep on the floor and re-open when the sheep moves forward. Sheet metal V base and hinged panel attachments at entrance. All galvanised sheet metal frame.

Attachments & Options
Include a clamp on tumble gate section, which can be reversed for opening either way, this creates an excellent portable sheep classing race. A swinging gate can also be fitted to form a short drenching race or selected entry race.


Free Standing Drafting Gates

The gates are swung within an RHS framework ready for assembly with portable panels or they can be fixed into permanent sheep yards, air operated for remote operation or manual with protection handles.

Leadup System

The dual leadup system provides an excellent approach to any handling system. With enough storage to contain 20-30 sheep in single file one person and a dog can easily move sheep forward for processing. The system consists of a pair of entry gates in adjustable width frames, three 3.3 metre standard panels, adjustable with dual race frame, two funnel gates with free swinging centre gate and an adjustable single race frame where the sheep leave the system. A single leadup system will work effectively as well but extra length is required to have sufficient sheep ready. To deter sheep from backing, spring loaded hock bars can be clamped on the panels and strategically spaced for maximum effect.


Sundry leadup components

Forcing pens usually consist of two 2.4 metre filled panels with a 2 metre filled gate-in-frame creating a triangular force into a single or dual race. 

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